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Winter 2020

As we head into the winter months it is becoming apparent to many of us that this will not be a normal winter at all. Most years we are open every day until Christmas at which time we swing into our winter hours. That will still be the case this year however we may have to adjust our business hours as the situation with COVID evolves. Our goal is to reduce or eliminate any wait times and prevent any line ups outdoors during the winter season.

We will continue to offer high quality fresh and frozen meats, produce and fresh baked sweets and ready to eat meal options.

We do have a growing assortment of locally made Christmas giftware options and Christmas trees will be arriving soon!

We are still allowing people to shop in the store at this time. Curbside pickup is also an option for anyone who is unable to or is uncomfortable shopping in-store.

As always, thank you for your support.


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